Here are some Metropolitan Areas in Europe with their current population.

Different Culture's Behavior Patterns in Metropolitan Areas
Different Culture's Behavior Patterns in Metropolitan Areas

Largest Metropolitan Areas in Europe

Travelling is one of my dreams. Going to different places and meeting people we haven’t seen before, cultures that we aren’t familiar with and feeling a different rhythm of the day, is something I really want to face. There are a lot of people in the world, depending upon the place and its connection with each other, there are places that can be referred to as Metropolitan Areas.
Out of the seven continents in the world, Europe is probably one of the most famous country possessing different sights to behold like the Eiffel Tower and Big Ben, and probably one of the continents with the most people living on it.
As of now, according to different statistical reports and surveys in Europe, London and Paris are said to be the by far the largest of all metropolitan areas in Europe. It is approximated that the people inhabiting London has reached an estimated population of 13.6 million of which 24% or past 3 million people lives in the historical inner core of London or known as the pre-1965 London County Council Area.
Paris follows London as largest of metropolitan areas in Europe with a population of approximately 11.9 Million people, with 19 percent living in the historical core of Paris, Ville de Paris.
Following London and Paris are the third and fourth largest major metropolitan areas, Madrid and Barcelona which are both in Spain. Almost half of 6.4 million people who live in Madrid live in its historical core area while 30 percent of all people living in Barcelona with an approximate total population of 5.4 million lives in its historical urban municipality core.
Germany still has two large metropolitan areas in the line, with both 5.1 million populations of people. These metropolitan areas are Essen and Berlin.
Other major metropolitan areas continue with slow growth or are even declining. Europe's two largest conurbations, Essen and Katowice (the Upper Silesian metropolitan area of Poland) are losing population while Naples is simply not growing.
There are many metropolitan areas in Europe and the population and economic activities between those cities probably became keys for its success.

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