Tokyo is a very large Metropolitan Area in Japan.

Different Culture's Behavior Patterns in Metropolitan Areas
Different Culture's Behavior Patterns in Metropolitan Areas

The Metropolitan Area of Japan, Tokyo

There’s a lot of time when I just sit down in front of the computer and watch anime all day long and in those anime, the common setting where all the cool stuff happens is in the Tokyo metropolitan area. Well, I didn’t know it was a metropolitan area, not until I searched about it out of curiosity because it is repeatedly showed over the anime I watched.
The Tokyo Metropolitan area or often called as the Greater Tokyo is of course, a metropolitan area in Japan which is comprised of the Kanto Region as well as the prefecture of Yamanashi. In Japan it is also referred to commonly as the National Capital Region.
In 2007, the United Nations estimated that the population in the Greater Tokyo reached a total of 35, 676, 000 making it by far the world’s most populous metropolitan area. In the world, it also ranks second largest single metropolitan area in terms of built-up or urban function landmass following the New York Metropolitan area.
In japan there’s also various definitions of Tokyo Metropolitan areas. The first being the former are of Tokyo Limits which comprises of only 8, 949, 447 people. The other is the Tokyo metropolis which is the prefectural jurisdiction excluding Ogasawara Island. Next is the Tokyo Metropolitan Employment area which includes all municipalities with 10% of their population commuting towards the 23 wards. There are still others but the definition with the largest population with a total of 43, 470, 148 is the National Capital Region which includes many rural areas essentially Kanto and Yamanashi.
If you’re going to refer to the definition of “One metropolis with 3 Prefectures”, Tokyo is said to be smaller than Los Angeles and almost a third smaller than the combined statistical area of the New York Metropolitan Area.
There are many prefectures this metropolitan area covers but to sum it all, it is still the home of millions of people in Japan, producing thousand of products ranging from the actual products themselves up to media products like anime, and I know that we will all continue to love what the Metropolitan Area of Tokyo gives the world.