Metropolitan and Cosmopolitan differs from each other

Different Culture's Behavior Patterns in Metropolitan Areas
Different Culture's Behavior Patterns in Metropolitan Areas

Metropolitan and Cosmopolitan

The population today continuously rise every day. Each day a city gets crowded more and more as many people give birth. Because of this, cities also continuously expand and today, use of words like Metropolitan and Cosmopolitan become more common than usual. Well, these terms are commonly used to describe cities which are larger than usual but are it really okay to use these words as if they’re the same?
Terms like Metropolitan and Cosmopolitan nowadays can be seen or heard in different kinds of media. You can see these terms on newspapers and are also used in radio programs and Television shows. Sometimes you may also find people who use these words to describe the attitude of people. Well, don’t you think it will be pretty embarrassing if you use words like this out in the open and then just realize that you used it the wrong way? Well, it’s time for you to learn how to use terms like metropolitan and cosmopolitan, the right way.
In general, Metropolitan areas are used to refer to a large city with an extremely high population and with it are large occupational opportunities linked with nearby areas in both social and economic terms. Some also describe this as large areas with high population at its centre ad low population in its surrounding area. This is why there’s a difference between the proper city of Los Angeles and a metropolitan area of Los Angeles. You have the LA city and Los Angeles Metropolitan area that comprises nearby districts which are economically and socially linked to LA.
On the other hand, Cosmopolitan refers to a city which comprises of people with diverse or different cultural backgrounds. You can see them mingling though with different cultures that’s why it’s called Cosmopolitan, from the word cosmos meaning one universe. Sometimes it’s also used as a description to someone broadminded. Unlike the word Metropolitan Area, Cosmopolitan may be used for many adjectival reasons. This may also refer to a person who have travelled to many cities or maybe a person which obtained a nature referring to the state of Cosmopolitan.
Saying words out of instinct is entirely different in saying it because you know it. And both make an impression, The first one gives an impression of ignorance if your heard by someone who knows the actual meaning while the latter saves you from using it recklessly.