Being a Metropolitan Area is more on the connectivity of everyone included in it.

Different Culture's Behavior Patterns in Metropolitan Areas
Different Culture's Behavior Patterns in Metropolitan Areas

Megalopolis the Metropolitan Area

Once there was this man who studied the Northeast United States during the 1950s. He described a region as a vast, wide metropolitan area covering 500 miles of land. It stretched from the Northern Metropolitan area of Boston passing through New York City; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; and ending on the Southern Area of Washington D.C.
This man’s name was Jeon Gottman and he published what he saw in his book ‘The City in History’ where he introduced his idea, the “Megalopolis”. Well, what I thought first after I heard this was Megalodon, a legendary shark that was bigger than any other sharks, but that’s entirely different. Megalopolis is defined as an extensive metropolitan area or rather a long chain of continuous Metropolitan Areas. Well, to inform you, Boston and Washington D.C are far apart. It will take about 8 hours and 30 minutes if you travel by car. Gottman’s Huge metropolitan area or Megalopolis is a very large functional urban region that provides the whole of America with so many essential services. Though through the travel from Boston to Washington, many lands are still green, untapped, either farmed or wooded, Gottman still defended that this facts doesn’t affect the continuity of the megalopolis. He added that what matters the most in a metropolitan area is the economic activity, transportation, commuting and communication linkages and this all is also true for the Megalopolis.
Megalopolis has long been started with its development. Its development paved its way for hundreds of years. The metropolitan areas of Boston and Washington, as well as the cities between them have always been extensive and transportation route between them is dense and has existed for several centuries.
According to Lewis Mumford, Megalopolis is the first stage in urban development and social decline. Many Metropolitan Areas other than Boston to Washington D.C are developing into a Megalopolis. Chicago to Pittsburgh, Quebec City to Windsor Corridor and many other metropolitan areas are following through the steps of “BosWash”. Before being a huge collection of Metropolitan Areas, Megalopolis is first, the home of millions of people and families.

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